Wed Feb 19, 2020 11:11
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ASIARAY sees to swing to loss in FY19 11:01
MINDTELL TECH expects FY19 profits down 93% 10:53
ASIA ENERGY LOG expects FY19 loss to drop YoY 10:43
HUAYI TENCENT (00419) sees to swing to loss in FY19 10:31
WHARF HOLDINGS expects FY19 profit down 50% 10:26
HANG SENG BANK (00011) FY19 profit up 3%; div $4 10:19
HSBC HOLDINGS (00005) FY19 profit down 33%; div US$0.21 10:09
CHAMPION REIT distributable income up 2.3% in FY19 09:49
SUN HING PRINT (01975) 1H profit up 47%; div $0.01 09:31
SMARTONE TELE (00315) 1H profit down 20%; div $0.145 09:30
RENTIAN TECH (00885) trading suspended 08:49
MIJI INTL HLDGS: coronavirus may adversely affect 1H results 18 Feb 2020
SH ELECTRIC buys 7.3% stake in Yinghe Technology 18 Feb 2020
ETERNITY TECH (01725): Shenzhen plant resumes operation 18 Feb 2020
FUTURE BRIGHT temporarily closes down 9 restaurants 18 Feb 2020
SINOPHARM TECH signs strategic cooperation agreement 18 Feb 2020
MCC (01618) newly signed contracts down 9.8% YoY 18 Feb 2020
TOWN HEALTH (03886) expects FY19 profit to drop YoY 18 Feb 2020
NEW FOCUS AUTO sees to swing to loss in FY19 18 Feb 2020
Cathay Pacific expects significant drop in 1H profit 18 Feb 2020
HAILIANG INTL expects FY19 loss to rise to $10M-12M 18 Feb 2020
JIAHUA STORES H sees to swing to loss of RMB60M in 2019 18 Feb 2020
DADI EDU (08417) Q1-3 loss rises to HK$808,000 18 Feb 2020
TASTEGOURMET GP (08371) Q1-3 profit HK$27.71M, up 57% 18 Feb 2020
CHINA SMARTPAY (08325) Q1-3 loss reduced to HK$53.87M 18 Feb 2020
WEALTH GLORY (08269) Q1-3 loss rises to HK$5.12M 18 Feb 2020
ZHUOXIN INTL (08266) Q1-3 loss rises to HK$16.29M 18 Feb 2020
BINGO GROUP (08220) Q1-3 loss rises to HK$26.09M 18 Feb 2020
INNO-TECH HOLD (08202) turns around, 1H profit HK$26.09M 18 Feb 2020
L&A INTL HOLD (08195) Q1-3 loss reduced to HK$4.84M 18 Feb 2020
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