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BOC Hong Kong(02388)injects RMB433.1M into BOCCF
16 Apr 2018
(Infocast News) BOC Hong Kong(02388) said that on 16 April 2018, BOCCC (an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company) has entered into the Capital Injection and Subscription Agreement in relation to its capital injection of approximately RMB433.1 million into BOCCF in accordance with its proportion of interest in BOCCF.

BOCCF is principally engaged in consumer finance business in the PRC, and BOCCC holds approximately 12.37% of its entire equity interest as of the date of this announcement. Pursuant to the Capital Injection and Subscription Agreement, upon the Completion, BOCCC will continue to own approximately 12.37% of the enlarged equity interest in BOCCF as the Capital Injection is made on a pro rata basis.

On the same date, BOCCC has also entered into the JV Agreement with other Investors of BOCCF for regulating their rights and obligations in the operation and management of the business and affairs of BOCCF.

As of the date of this announcement, Bank of China(03988)indirectly holds approximately 66.06% of the issued shares of the Company and is the controlling shareholder of the Company.
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