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UM Healthcare ,Tencent Doctorwork signs strategic agt
16 May 2018
(Infocast News) Union Medical Healthcare Limited (02138)announced that, on 16 May 2018, the Company and Tencent Holdings Ltd(00700)北京企鵝醫院管理有限公司 (Tencent Doctorwork) entered into a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement . The Group and Tencent Doctorwork aims to jointly establish a number of clinics and introduce “Enclosed Intelligent Clinic” system of Tencent Doctorwork in Hong Kong.

Pursuant to the Agreement, Tencent Doctorwork will supply to the Group its comprehensive medical management system, medical management cloud service system, health management IT system and authorization of brand usage, procurement deployment and supply chain, family doctor service standards,
national medical flight rescue, anti-aging (age management center), commercial insurance business, self-served inspection technology and hardware solutions. The co-operation will be utilising medical artificial intelligence as a foundation, covering priority services and onshore consultation delivered by offshore registered practitioners.

To the best knowledge, information and belief of the Directors having made all reasonable enquiries, Tencent Doctorwork is an internet and medical platform jointly funded by Tencent, Medlinker and Sequoia Capital China, offering quality, safe and comprehensive health management services for individuals and families.

Currently, Tencent Doctorwork has established three clinics in Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen, and is expecting to establish 300 clinics under its direct operations in the next three years, connecting to 3,000 associated clinics and deploying 30,000 self-serve health inspection terminals. (SY)
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