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Fantasia(01777)to fully redeem outstanding senior notes
12 Feb 2019
(Infocast News) Fantasia Holdings Group Co., Limited (01777) said that as at the date of this announcement, the aggregate principal amount of the 2019 Notes (US$300 million 7.25% senior notes due 2019)that remains outstanding is US$287,260,000 (the Outstanding 2019 Notes) and such Outstanding 2019 Notes will mature on 13 February 2019 . Given the Chinese New Year holidays in China and in letting the staff of the execution team of the Company take a break and unite with their families to celebrate the festive season, the Company has already deposited the amount representing the aggregate principal amount of
the Outstanding 2019 Notes plus accrued interest to (but excluding) the Maturity Date into the paying agent’s account. The Company will fully redeem the senior notes under the 2019 Notes on the Maturity Date. The 2019 Notes will then be cancelled and delisted from the official listing companies list of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

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