Tue Jun 27, 2017 13:16
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LINK REIT (00823) posts a block trading for $31.63M 13:01
AV Concept Hold (00595) up sharply after bonus proposal 12:57
CRTG (00269) plans to issue shares to buy pawn loan biz 12:38
Pico Far East (00752) 1H profit $124M; div $0.045 12:34
Geely Auto (00175) rises to record high 12:27
Short selling turnover in morning session HK$2.81B 12:10
Melco Int'l Dev's unit allowed to run casino in Cyprus 12:03
KEE (02011) places 30M shares for $29.5M 11:43
Yuexiu Property (00123) sells commercial ppt for RMB448M 11:30
Geely Auto (00175) cutting board lot size to 1k shares 11:19
TENCENT (00700) posts a block trading for $26.43M 11:13
TENCENT (00700) posts 2 block tradings for $79.17M 10:51
Jia Meng Hldg (08101) FY17 profit $117M; no div 10:33
Lai Group (08455) FY17 profit $2.7M, down 69%; no div 10:31
GC Pro Ser (08193) FY17 loss soars to $124M; no div 10:26
Finet Group (08317) FY17 loss shrinks to $29M; no div 10:23
TENCENT (00700) posts 2 block tradings for $51.69M 10:18
Prosten Health (08026) FY17 loss shrinks to $24M; no div 10:15
TENCENT (00700) posts 3 block tradings for $77.87M 10:15
FOODWISE HLDG (01632) posts a block trading for $30.03M 10:13
TK New Energy (08326) FY17 profit $26M, up 412%; no div 10:13
ENN ENERGY (02688) posts a block trading for $34.7M 10:13
Fulum Gp Hldg (01443) FY17 profit down 18%; div $0.0255 10:10
Dadi Edu (08417) FY17 profit $2.7M, down 68%; no div 10:08
Luen Wong Gp (08217) FY17 profit $31M, up 264%; no div 10:04
Code Agri (08153) turns around, FY17 profit $131M; no div 09:59
TSO (08145) FY17 profit up slightly to $22.65M; no div 09:56
TENCENT (00700) posts 2 block tradings for $96.93M 09:53
Bosideng (03998) FY17 profit rises 39%; div RMB0.004 09:52
KFM Kingdom (03816) FY17 loss drops to $15M; no div 09:50
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